Hello, My name is Hazza and I am a Gold Tier Ambassador working on

Who Are Ambassadors?

The coding ambassadors are representatives of Coders(hq) hand-picked from the Coders(hq) community to facilitate community interactions. The initiative will also help more than 2500 coders to benefit from the program. Ambassadors will have many exciting opportunities to enhance their skills in coding, public speaking, and leading projects. Along with other benefits, ambassadors who achieve exceptional performance will have their efforts showcased on multiple CHQ channels.

The ambassadors will be leading the development of three open source projects. Each of which will be integral in the CHQ roadmap. As well as auxiliary projects, events and workshops.


Ambassadors will lead projects with the community

CHQ Backend

Coders(hq) backend where our other tools and services can connect to it using an API.

CHQ Interface

Admin panel, CLI and other smaller projects which gives an interface to the backend.

CHQ Bounty

A board where companies can post challenges and coders can compete to solve them.

Auxiliary Projects

Are a group of partner projects that are impactful but are not core CHQ projects.

Platinum Ambassadors

A strong core team to lead the Ambassadors.

Dr. Ahmed Al Ali
Co-founding Partner @ DeepOpinion AI
Hemant Julka
Global Technology Executive
Ali Abuzinjal
Researcher, Engineer, linked Data & Data privacy enthusiast
Majed Al-Chatti
Solution Architect for Web & Mobile, experienced in Web Security
Dr. Essa Basaeed
A.I. Expert | Researcher
Latifa Al Hammadi
Blessing Adesiji
Developer Relations Engineer at Mantium


There are three tiers for ambassadors. These are selected by looking at the best applicants and then grouping them into a tier system based on their experience and activity.

  • 1 Silver

    This tier is designed for students in the introductory level in the coding domain

  • 2 Gold

    This tier is designed for people who have stronger knowledge in the coding field

  • 3 Platinum

    This tier is dedicated for people who have both coding experience and managerial skills

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